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Ⓒ Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih, 2016

BBC Journalist portfolio

Live website: coming soon in June 2016

My Responsibilities: Art Direction, Website Design & Development, Visual Design, UX & UI (2016)

Client: BBC Journalist, Vivian Yuan Xiao


The Opportunity:

As a BBC journalist who is determined to empower women and girls from developing nations, my client Vivian Yuan Xiao, seeks a new way to promote her works internationally.

The Strategy: 

The design strategy is to clearly and intuitively communicate my client Vivian Xiao's appeal and focuses on gender equality, empowerment, and education for women & girls. Therefore, for the color scheme, I chose tints and shades of red as her theme color, which is universally recognized and used in women-focused campaigns like UN's HeForShe

Also, for typefaces, I picked fonts like Cardo and Source Sans Pro, which are less used but still excellent and outstanding. I believe that contemplating the best choices and combinations of typefaces is crucial to good branding and design. Don't be lazy or just follow the most popular fonts without thoughts. Design without thoughts and intentions is just noise. 

The Result: 

Vivian Yuan Xiao's online portfolio will be a platform not only to showcase her works at the BBC but also to encourage collaborations all over the world, at the heart of helping women and girls in need. 

The website is currently being developed in WordPress and will be online with a series of campaigns in June 2016.