Coding A Better Government

All of us together, are we just going to be a crowd of voices, or are we also going to be a crowd of hands?
— Jennifer Pahlka

Source: TEDTalk

I just simply LOVE this talk. I want to be the hands that can make changes happened, instead of just voices. “Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”, Representative Barney Frank. But, do we need to just rely on the government? Or it's time that we asked ourselves about what we can do for our next generation? I believe in technology, basically. It's because I think technology and design are the driver of changes, the driver to enable us to do things together.  

How Colours Unite Us All

Identity Colour Codes is the result of a thorough study on the future of corporate identity. It is an explorative journey through all kinds of (sub)cultures and shows along the way how companies, governments and people use colour to identify themselves.
— BIS Publishers

Resource: Identity Colour Codes

I found this lovely anthropology research this morning. Spring is coming in London, people from different cultural backgrounds find their own places, and enrich the cultural diversity in this city. As an international student, I like this research very much. I think it will be fun if we do this kind of colour research in Asian countries! 


I like this website very much - and I think it will be very cool to explore colours in Taiwan, China, Korea, Thailand, India and so on...!  

How Social Entrepreneurs Can Have the Most Impact - Bloomberg

Social enterprise in the U.S. is a fast-growing, but fragmented, movement. Looking at a recent release of data from The Great Social Enterprise Census, only a fifth are larger than $2 million in budget, just 8% employ more than a 100 people, and 60% were founded in the past 8 years, when the movement really began to gain momentum.
— Katie Smith Milway

Resource: How Social Entrepreneurs Can Have the Most Impact

This is a very good article, I think. Social enterprise becomes a trendy thing these years, but how come? And what might happen though? Good articles with good answers.