British Soundscape Music Video: A symphony for humans and nature

Animated Persona & User Journey: Campaign #SingForSea as the entry point of British Soundscape. 


British Soundscape website: An open-source platform for anxious commuters, National Trust rangers, and London-based musicians. 

British Soundscape live website: An open-source platform for anxious commuters, National Trust rangers, and London-based musicians. The site was live throughout 2013 to 2018 and then was retired as it's planned in the roadmap in late 2018. Here is a screen recording walking through its key features and pages.  


British Soundscape Albums, Tickets For Tomorrow, and visitors'  responses in the RCA Work-In-Progess Show. 


Team members:

Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih|Project Director & Design Director
Yuen HsiehFilm Director (Vimeo)
Emily R. Hale|Baroque Violin|MPerf, Historical Performance
Erco Laii|Visual Designer & Photographer 

British Soundscape

Open Source Website & Social Media Campaign Project

Live website: britishsoundscape.comSounds of Our Shores (National Trust's 2015 campaign)

My Responsibilities: Art Direction, Service Design, Web Design, Animation, Social Media Marketing, Exhibition Design, Concept Development, User-Centered Research (Autumn 2013 - Spring 2014)

Partner: National Trust, Royal College of Music

Exhibition: RCA Work-In-Progress Show 2014


The Challenge:

In 2015, the National Trust will celebrate its 120th anniversary and its successful conservation campaign “Neptune Coastline Campaign” will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

How can we engage the young metropolitan people in celebrating the coast through connecting their urban daily life with the achievement of Neptune Coastline Campaign, in order to higher National Trust profile and provide more relevant, attractive, accessible and affordable experience for them?

The Approach: 

National Trust educates the public through providing the enjoyable experience, so what does make this experience? Can we make it relevant, attractive, accessible and affordable for our target audience?

I discovered and defined a starting point: 

Nature and music as a remedy: inviting Londoners to celebrate the coast with National Trust.

The Solution: 

In order to highlight the National Trust’s achievement of coastal conservation, “British Soundscape,” an online open source platform, presents a collection of sea sounds collected from the National Trust’s coastal properties such as Brownsea Island, to inspire musicians.

In spring 2014, as part of the campaign “#SingForSea”, musicians will perform the sea-inspired music in London stations to encourage commuters to visit the seaside in the care of Neptune Coastline Campaign during summertime. 

At the end of 2014, all the sea-inspired music works will be picked for an upcoming album collection, "British Soundscape 2015: The Symphony Between Human And Nature", as part of the National Trust's celebration activities in both metropolitan cities and the Trust’s coastal properties.

Design Strategy: (Click to enlarge image)

Click the below image to see my in-depth project report, which includes UX methods like user-centered research, value propositions, stakeholder analytics, personas, user journey, and so on.