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Video: The story of Paper Age

Ⓒ Team Paper Age presents, 2011

Paper Age

My Responsibilities: Art Direction, Concept Development, Exhibition Design (Autumn 2011)

Partner: Taiwan Design Centre

Exhibition: Taipei World Design EXPO 2011


Paper Age: Rethink about education system for children in Asian countries. 

The name of Paper Age comes from cramming life style in Asian countries. Some happy memories in childhood are replaced by testes and papers nowadays. The purpose of the exhibition is providing a chance to rethink. 

We planned the exhibition to advocate a different education. We visited the cram school, collecting used test papers and academic books, and then we reproduced these materials by the method of shredding and gluing.

After the process, we present a new toy, a cockhorse familiar to all of us, with a different perspective and explanation. On the surface of the cockhorse, you may see questions and formula clearly, which imply that our childhood has been stressed with endless tests and exams. Therefore, we named the exhibition project “Pager Age”.