User journey: Project Sparks 

The scale model of the Spark bus shelter in the exhibition


Team members: 

Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih | UX, Product Design, Illustration & Animation | Service Design, Royal College of Art  
Matt Myoung-Hwan Han | UI Design, Animation | Service Design, Royal College of Art  
Julia Schrot | Service Design, Royal College of Art
Vivienne Heyhoe | Service Design, Royal College of Art

Project Sparks

My Responsibilities: Service Design, Transport Design, UX Design, Animation, Concept Development, User-Centered Research (Autumn 2012 - Spring 2013)

Partner: Transport for London

Exhibition: RCA Work-In-Progress Show 2013


The Challenge:

With demographics in London changing rapidly, how can the future elderly be encouraged to take new bus journeys in 2025? 

The Solution: 

"Sparks" is a service to encourage the elderly to embark new journeys by the innovation of bus stops and a digital platform. 

"Sparks" includes two inventions: the transformation of current bus stops, and the invention with TfL digital platform. First, Spark bus stops are reimagined bus stops that are community centres instead of waiting points. They are sparks designed to ignite and connect a local community. The sparks concept will be supported by a digital platform — OysterCircle — that recommends and plans new journeys based on person- al interest, thereby offering the opportunity to connect with likeminded users. 

Service blueprint

Click the below image to see our in-depth project report, which includes UX methods like user-centered research, stakeholder analytics, brainstorming, user interviews, personas, user journey, and so on.