Service design is all about user-centred design, empathy and engagement. I take different approaches depends on the nature of projects. I like to go on adventures, to meet people, to talk with people, and to listen to your voice. Here are the research of my projects - and I hope you will find a little bit of fun of that! 

A Recipe For Clean Drinking Water

British Soundscape: My journey from a volunteer to a service designer

Innovating Water: Business Plan 2013

Show and Tell Companion: How can digital technology address different cultural activities, aspirations and attitudes? 

Innovating Water: Photo collection of field trip in Kenya (For exclusive interview with BBC )


Droplet: The story behind Innovating Water

Sainsbury's International: Explore the cultural diversity of London through everyday pastry

Project Sparks: Redesign enjoyable bus journey for the elderly in 2025

Project Sparks: Explore the city with London red buses