User Journey: Explore Food with Sainsbury's!

Package Design

TV advertisement & Online campaign


Team members:

Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih | Service Design, Royal College of Art
Maryam Al-Semaitt | Service Design, Royal College of Art
Matt, Myoung-Hwan Han | Service Design, Royal College of Art
Jayoon Yoon | Interior Design, Royal College of Art

Sainsbury's International 

UK-based campaign for Sainsbury's

My Responsibilities: Service Design, Digital Design, Package Design, UX Design, Animation, Concept Development, User-Centered Research (June 2013)

Client: Sainsbury's


The Challenge:

How could Sainsbury’s celebrate the cultural diversity in London by providing customers a broader range of baked products with matching groceries? 

The Insight:

We've gathered three key findings based on our research:

(1) Products from around the world exist within Sainsbury's, but there is no cohesive story to tie them together; (2) Sainsbury's has the capabilities and the ingredients to bake bread from around the world in-store; (3) Many customers seek other local bakeries/stores for international products; (4) Around half of people in Inner London are from an ethnic group other than White British. In Outer London around 40% are not White British.

The Solution: 

"Explore Food with Sainsbury’s!"

Sainsbury’s International is a monthly campaign that celebrates different cultural festivals with baked products all around the world. In July, we celebrate Ramadan Holy Month with Middle-Eastern bread, Khobez. Follow the color sticker, and explore the food with Sainsbury’s!

Service blueprint

Click the below image to see my in-depth project report, which includes UX methods like user-centered research, stakeholder analytics, brainstorming, user interviews, co-creation workshops, prototyping, personas, user journey, and so on.