User Journey: Show and Tell Companion

Interface Design: Online platform for the young generation (Visual & UX Design: Matt Myoung-Hwan Han & Hanna Lee)

Product Design: A recording device for the elder generation


Team members:

Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih | Service Design, Royal College of Art
(Matt) Myoung-Hwan Han | Service Design, Royal College of Art
Hanna Lee | Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art
Abbie Vickress | Visual Communication, Royal College of Art
Natasha Trotman | Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art
Alice Czarnowska | Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art

Photographer: Gordon Kuo-Chieh Wang

Show and Tell Companion 

Android App Design for BlackBerry Playbook

My Responsibilities: Interaction Design, UX Design, Service Design, Video Making, Concept Development, User-Centered Research, Exhibition Design (Spring 2013)

Client: BlackBerry

Exhibition: London Design Festival 2013, Life Examined Exhibition, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design


The Challenge:

How to create new communication between the elderly, the youth, and other ethnic communities through exploring the beauty of Hindu culture?

The Insight:

We gathered insights from in-depth user interviews: 

I think music brings people together. My father, mother, me, and my sons... we are all enjoying music. From traditional Indian instruments to piano and even guitar.” - Roshni

We found music can bring people together, and technology can provide an accessible platform for different generations to enjoy, share, and even create music, together. This finding was our turning point of this project.

The Solution:

The project of "Show and Tell Companion" aims to encourage different generations to tell and show what Indian heritage means to them through a digital music platform and physical activities like pop-up cinema. 

Nowadays, digital technology can address different cultural activities, aspirations, and attitudes; therefore "Show and Tell Companion" applies digital technology to bridge generations, and also encourages them to be proud of their cultural root, to celebrate the joy of life through Indian music all over the world.

Service blueprint

Click the below image to see our in-depth project report, which includes UX methods like user-centered research, stakeholder analytics, brainstorming, user interviews, quantitative survey, prototyping, personas, user journey, and so on.