Team members:

Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih | Product Design
I-Chung Hong | Product Design  

The Emperor's Tea Cup

My Responsibilities: Art Direction, Concept Development, Product Design (Winter 2010)

Award: Distinction, Classical Magic: 100 National Treasures Cultural Creativity Design Competition, National Palace Museum

Exhibition: National Palace Museum 


Enjoy your cup of tea as you were an emperor! 

The Emperor’s Teacup is a tea set concept which derives from an ancient king in China, Emperor Qianlong. We transform the historical story into novel product design. The product is chosen to be sold at National Palace Museum from 2012. 

Long time ago, the Emperor Qianlong of Chin Destiny was fond of tea, and there was a humorous dialogue between the emperor and the courtier in their daily lives. One day, the loyal courtier said “Country won’t exist without the king.” , then the emperor smiled at him, and replied “But, the king won’t exist without tea!”

Nowadays, we designed a series of teacups by the name of “The Emperor’s Teacup” which its design concept came from the emperor hat. Furthermore, we hope that everyone who drink tea may feel good, as the ancient emperor, while using the product.